Nov 20, 2008

Special Strangers

It is always a pleasure to take a trip down memory lane especially if the road is paved with beautiful rememberences.
Two such memories instantly come to my mind. I was appearing for my class X exams. I used to cycle to school & the school bus would take us to our center at IIT- Kanpur. One such day, as I was going to school, two boys in a moped came ,& I think, hit my cycle deliberately. The front wheel of the cycle was badly twisted, leaving me with no option other than leaving it with a shopkeeper nearby, who offered to retain it for me till I returned from my exam. After I gave my exam, when I went to the shop , I saw that my cycle wasn’t there & neither was the shopkeeper .All kinds of doubts & suspicions crossed my mind. At home, I related the entire episode to my mother & she was only relieved that I wasn’t hurt .In the evening, my dad & I went to the shop. And, guess what? !!!! There was my cycle, looking in great shape-who would have thought that in the morning it had met with such a fate. We thanked him & I was embarrassed to have been suspecting his intentions , when all he did was that he had repaired it for me! There was still some kindness left in the world.
This isn’t all. I was the lucky recipient of one more act of kindness a few years later when I went to Nagpur to do my graduation. I had to reside in a hostel & it was the first time alone without parents. As a result, I wasn’t in the habit of carrying a wallet. So, on my first day to college, as I boarded the bus, I realized I didn’t have any money to pay for my ticket. The conductor listened as I explained why I wasn’t carrying it. I promised that I would pay him next day as I would be traveling at the same time. He nodded & went away only to return a minute later. He said ,’As you are not carrying a wallet, you wont be able to pay for your fare when you return. So, here is the fare for the return ticket’. And, he handed me Rs 2! I could only look at him & wonder from where he got his good sense, judgement & kindness.
I could not return them the kindness that they bestowed upon me but I do try to be a little considerate to people I meet without expecting the same in return. It is better to pay it forward & let not the chain break…

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mesushovan said...

Interesting incidents! Good that you decided to pay back to whom who helped even after such long years, in words, in front of the world. Nice knowing your human values!