Feb 13, 2009

Clean. Grin. Love

This valentine’s day YOUnique has been wild and witty with its V-day card. YOUnique products are unique by default as they tell your unique story through your YOUnique product. But this time it’s unique because a single YOUnique card is telling every one’s story. From witty fun lover to a shy adorable, this card shares everyone’s feelings.

Note: If you are by any chance a frustrated one and all alone in this Valentine as she has ditched you, YOUnique card can do a lot for you. On Valentine’s Day present the card to her and show her even If she has given a shit on you, you clean with love.

Feb 7, 2009

I see the sky

From the sun I get my light
From the moon I get my dreams
With the stars I chart my path
With my love I build a home

Life is fun… I laugh galore
I sail my ship… to the happy shore

I face the gale… I kill the shark
I kindle hopes… deep in the dark

Post every fall… I stand tall
I win again… I do reign

I care a damn… for petty rules n laws
I give a fuck… to filthy social clause

So, if you leave me… I say goodbye
I close my doors… I see the sky


Feb 6, 2009

It’s Not about Love

Ok Rahul, tell me what was the colour of her nail polish on the day when she first sneezed in front of you? Your options are: A) red, B) black, C) nothing. If your answer matches with your girl friend’s you can win a couple pass for the film ‘Love Main Low Balance’ at Inox on Valentine’s Day.
If this is for FM radio listeners, news papers readers are not neglected at all. Write love message for your special person in 10 words which will be published on Valentine’s Day. Best will win gift voucher from Café Coffee day. Through out the month, Nik Nish, Archie’s, Pantaloon’s etc have created an off season SELL only for the love day. You can see the advertisements of audio or video CDs accumulating romantic love songs specially released for Valentine’s Day. Music channels decorate themselves lovely with red hearts and other sensational props. And we, the victimized metropolitan youth never miss even the Valentine’s Day special beauty tips sponsored by L’Oreal Paris. Flowers, chocolates, gifts, lunch, dinner, party, romantic songs, dresses matching the occasion, romantic games these are what the Valentine’s Day blows. Did I miss anything in the list? Yes may be I have missed the love. If most of the readers didn’t notice the missing ‘love’ then may be we born to be victimized. A very few who missed the love on the Valentine’s Day, for them I only have an incident. A girl is very upset as she has broken up with his boyfriend. She is telling to her friend how the boy had called her to a coffee shop and told that he didn’t want to continue the relationship anymore. The girl is crying like anything when she is telling the story to her friends. Suddenly, one of her friends says, which coffee shop did you go? Is it Barista or Café Coffee Day? You know, Barista complements break ups more than CCD.