Nov 16, 2008

Amazing! Isn't it? NOT REALLY.


You know what, when (in 1996) I was looking forward to start my career as a copywriter... in contradiction of my formal education in electrical engineering, life was ruthlessly tough on me and my ambition.

In the process, I also came to know the fact that if I could be a copywriter then a goat would fly! Quite a lesson for me, I swear. Especially, when it came from one of the leading ad honchos in Kolkata.

So, I kept on writing with a burning hope to make a goat fly. But, alas! Despite of my best of efforts, I couldn't succeed in helping a goat fly; instead, I became a copywriter, and eventually a creative director (copy) to ensure Brands fly with me now.

I'm so sorry for the goat! I'm equally apologetic to that ad guru, who predicted my future along with the goat's.

Amazing! Isn't it? Not really. It's all about chasing a dream, remaining inspired all the time, and shedding off all inhibitions.

And if I could do it, why can't you?

So, DO WRITE with me. DO WRITE with your friends. DO WRITE all alone. Only on

Awaiting your lines then.



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varsha sg said...

this reminds me of a celebrity incident. Vikram Seth was Amitav Ghosh's teacher at St. Stephen's. He told an aspiring & young Amitava that the latter didnt have any future. Thank God, amitava didnt take , Vikram the writer , as seriously.