Nov 28, 2008


Yet another mayhem of militants has been rocking the tinsel town for more than 48 hours from now. A real life blockbuster is happening at Mumbai. Two hotels - the Taj and the Trident are staging the mega shows in particular where guests in those hospitable institutes and innocent people at large are giving away their lives to grenades, bullets and bombs.

As usual the natives from other cities and states in India are quite proactive in consuming and sharing the news and nimble enough for expressing shocks and sadness, anxiety and anger, and condolence to the slaughtered ones and their bereaved family members.

But is it just the action which is expected from the people of India against terrorists and their heinous and gory exploits of this magnitude?

If the answer is yes, then let’s celebrate terrorism like this only; today at Mumbai, tomorrow at Delhi, day after tomorrow at Kolkata and so on.

Or, if the answer is NO, then all of us have to put our thoughts and act altogether and begin a syndicated assault on terrorism at every nook and corner of the country. NOW.

This effort or movement can be termed as “Terror on Terrorism” or “Counter Terrorism”.

I’m sure reading hitherto some intellectual foreheads have got the crease on, or some attitudinal eyebrows have made some upward arches, or some sagging lips have gone dry making acute angles to rubbish this concept.

And, why not, as the world, precisely India, is full of “how-can-I-do-it-alone?!” typos to whom it’s always easier to follow one’s back than leading from the front or taking any initiative on their own. As if they also follow someone else, while they hit the bed to do it with their spouses. I wonder! I’m bewildered!

It’s really pathetic that that kind of passing the buck game has become a well cherished and ideally practiced phenomenon in our society and system where we rather call this scenario as “diplomacy”.

Funny! If this is diplomacy then what is hypocrisy? What is collective fear, chocking and cringe?

Ironical that militants have still failed to understand the simple fact that in India they don’t need to kill innocent people to dethrone the system. Because the system itself had come down to dust a long ago in this country when we actually divided our motherland into India and Pakistan to meet one’s personal greed of becoming India’s first prime minister.

On the contrary, no force, no atom bomb, no militants, no terrorists can do any harm to us, if we just do the basics right and follow the maxim “Charity begins at home” or “Self-help is the best help”.

We don’t need leaders, we don’t need any police, and we don’t need any paramilitary. All we need is the courage and spirit to withstand self and others and a compassionate mind to think that what’s happening at Mumbai today can also happen in our bedroom on the next day.

So we better be prepared, and begin leading from the front. And in the process bring the ULTIMATE TERROR on terrorism.


Nov 26, 2008

Games Indians Play- A book review

Games Indians Play, by V. Raghunathan ,explores the Indian mentality of being privately smart & collectively foolish.The author, a faculty at one of the IIMs, uses behavioural economics & game theory to explain why we do what we do & how acting in the common interest of everyone will do good to us in the long run.The author uses prisoners' dilemma to explain why we Indians act selfish & go for short term gains. The book doesnt tell us anything new that we already dont know but the mode of putting across his point with a dash of humor ,makes it a very good read. I have never touched Economics even with a barge pole but his lucid explanation, with a good sprinkling of examples ,made the aforementioned theories qute simple to understand. Do grab a copy!!

The economic wasteland?

I am less worried these days. The headlines are not screaming figures of pink slip issues in thousands. And, if the 'pink slip pandemonium' is not a front page story but is now occupying a 2x2 space somewhere inside, I am not complaining. For a person like me, who is working in a sector which is least likely to be affected by economic tsunamis, I can only imagine the plight of the employees who have been at the receiving end. I really do not understand the dynamics of 'systems & operations' & 'finance' of the corporate sector but I do wonder if sacking was/is the only solution.

My very very limited entrepreneurship sense says that a more moderate approach could have been adopted.Instead of laying off 2000 employees, perks of say 5000, employees could have been scrapped, threreby covering part of the loss & cost.One does wonder, if the employees who managed to save their necks , do not mind the extra work that has ended up on their laps.Even if they are complaining, they dare not be vocal about it.Maybe , there is a paragraph somewhere (in some page of a thick book on Corporate law& finance) about a lower scale being offered in exchange of retaining one's position in case of an economic crisis..I am just wondering.

With each one of us burdened with mortgages & instalments, I can only hope that our economic pundits come up, fast & quick, with some plans of economic salvation.

Who said life is difficult outside the Earth?!! It isn't easy here, either.

Nov 24, 2008

A day with friends!!

I am happy.I am eager. I am worried how I would look tomorrow.I am going out with friends , you see.
I am not a lonely island, swimming in the vast sea of loneliness. I am a busy body-trapped in the busy traffic of life, who is worried that the beautiful view outside the window is passing by & there is no way, I can park on the side & take in the sight.So, I look forward to every chance of fun , that comes my way,with child-like eagerness.I am going out tomorrow as part of a small group of six colleagues, who are on the verge of becoming friends .

We dont have anything earth -shattering in our plans. No lunch at a five star restaurant or no front rowseat at a sell-out theatre play.Neither its a long drive through scenic country side. We are just meeting at a nearby mall. We have no long shopping plans in our agenda.Whats in the agenda is lots of fun & laughter & teasing & noise & all of us trying to speak at the same time.I am not sure how long it will last but what I am sure of is that after I come home , I will still feel ,'arrey,yeh toh bataya hi nahi!!'
I feel good about myself that we are grounded enough to derive so much pleasure out of something simple like this.Or is it really so simple?Maybe not.If you or I read between the lines, there is so much at stake. Formation of new bonds, time well spent, a cure for loneliness, laughter with like- minded people.
I know that tomorrow,might, it just might , mark a beginning of a new way of moving through life -getting out of the car just to enjoy the view.

Nov 22, 2008

Shelter your image

When it rains cats and dogs, or just drizzles, or the sun decides to toast you with its scorching heat, and albeit you have to go out then what comes first on your mind? No poetry, I guess.

Then and there you think of nothing but an UMBRELLA for sure to hold it over your head and step out.

Now if you think a little deeper, I’m sure you also acknowledge that an umbrella means more than just a shelter to you on moves.

In fact, an umbrella helps you relate to the inspiration of your grandpa, or to the protection of your parents; to the first kiss in the rain, or to the first loss of anything in a private vehicle; to the impromptu support of a friend, or to the nagging load in your bag or hand… altogether to the world where you belong to and which belongs to you.

Undoubtedly this world is your very own. Still it behaves like the unknown. Because it tests your character, evaluates your merit, tickles your feelings, puts light on your personality, examines your image, challenges your confidence and demands your success… wherever you go or whatever you do beyond the assurance, comfort and safety of your cocoon called YOURSELF.

And this is that. Accept it or not. Either you have to win a life of your choice or you have to be defeated, conceding others’ preferences.

Hence it’s better if you decide to win. And this decision should be substantiated with your choice of things that you want to do, want to wear, want to carry, want flaunt, or simply want to conceal.

Be it your shirt or saree; your watch or bracelet; your perfume or lipstick; or simply your umbrella match it with yourself in such a way that it complements only your personality, rather exclusively, creating an image that’s unique and unmatched.

It’s not far fetched or any ridicule; insanity or obscene, in case you unfurl an umbrella which is designed for you only… thereby giving shelter not only to your body but also to your matchless image as expressed by your personality, traits, characteristics, behaviour, lifestyle, style, and, last but not least, your profession – while you decide to take the rain or the sun in your stride. Outside.

The trend is called IMAGE SHELTERING! Brought to you by your UMBRELLA.

So, to know more about how to shelter your image exclusively underneath an umbrella, feel free to email at: or immediately.

After all, time and tide, and exclusivity don’t really wait.

Nov 20, 2008

Rituporno GOSHHH !

I think it was most probably in 1998 a new Bengali film got released…’ Unishe April ‘ It brought a freshness which the Bengali film industry was suffering that moment. Every Bengali film lover saw a savior in Rituporno Ghosh the director of the film. I just completed my college that year and it was the first Bengali movie (apart from some children’s movie which I watched when I was a child) I went to watch in a theatre. After coming out from the theatre I instantly became a fan of Rituporno Ghosh.

Unishe April fetched national awards and after this film Mr.Ghosh directed numerous movies that became favorites of many Bengalis…including me. He became the most talked about man and many controversies surrounded him. The way he talked, the way he dressed were all topic of discussions among common men. Due to his distinguished personality and style, anchors started imitating him on shows and on stages. MIR, who is a very well known anchor and a RJ imitated him the best. Mir is a person of immense talent and he again brought a new trend in the field of anchoring. He imitates many celebrities as mimicry is an art (maybe its an inferior art) and imitating celebrities is very common and the audience loves it.

Rituporno Ghosh conducts a talk show ‘ Ghosh & company ‘ which is aired on a private channel every Sunday. He invites eminent guests on the show and does a very informal ‘adda’ with them. Undoubtedly the show is quite a hit show and the guests are stalwart personalities. Shobha De, Dilip De, Aparna Sen, Kalyan Ray, Bappi Lahiri, and many more celebrities were invited on the show. Last Sunday (16th nov) Mir was Mr.Ghosh’s guest. The teasers throughout the week were very attractive and I’m sure that day a lot many people watched the show than other Sundays as Mir and Rituporno talking to each other is something everyone would love to watch because Mir imitates Rituporno ditto.

The show stared. It’s a 1hr show…the first 15 minutes were general discussion about Mir’s childhood, his full name etc. Now a talk show of 1hr is divided into 4 slots, 15 minutes each, 3 slots are for discussion and 1 slot is for advertisements. After the first 15 minutes were over the rest 30 minutes Rituporno completely attacked Mir taking him off his feet. He insulted Mir by saying that as mimicry in an inferior form of performance he (Mir) is earning his living by practicing this art. He told Mir that Mir has no right to insult the minority community (effeminate men) by mimicking Rituporno as Rituporno is the representative of that community. Anybody who watched that episode will realise that it was a well rehearsed, well planned, well thought beforehand to insult Mir. Mir was so taken aback that he just kept quiet and whenever he tried to say anything Rituporno stopped him and went on attacking him. He even questioned Mir whether he tries to hide his identity (as Mir also belongs to a minority community) by shortening his name and why he (Mir) married a hindu lady.

The Sunday’s episode was an eye opener to all Rituporno’s fans (including me) I guess, about the man (?) he is. It is Rituporno’s talk show where he invited a guest with a preplanned notion to insult him…this of course does not give a very good picture of himself. Rituporno used his position, his weight as a nationally famous personality to take revenge on a person who is not at par with him by inviting him on his show. If Mr.Ghosh knew that mimicry in an inferior form of performance then why did he invite Mir on the same forum where he invited Aparna Sen and Moushumi Chatterjee?? We all have seen Ritupono enjoying Mir’s mimicry on him in various award shows… then why pretend whereas in reality he held so much grudge against Mir?? Rituporno was not even honest enough to tell that he feels insulted and he don’t like Mir mimicking him but instead he kept on telling that it doesn’t bother him but he is worried and letting Mir know what the minority community (effeminate men) think. What a joke Mr.Ghosh !!!

At the end of the show Mir just told one thing “ aamar mone hoy personally tomar kothao aante gha legechhe tai tumi amake Ghosh & Company te deke eisob bolchho” (I think somewhere your ego has been hurt so you are insulting me by inviting me in your show). Even I think Mir what you told is completely correct. Rituporno should be honest enough to accept the reality. If you want to establish that you are an effeminate man then why get angry when the world tells you that?? This was not at all expected from a man of Rituporno’s stature, a person who is well known for his sensitive cinema suddenly became so insensitive to insult a guest on his show…that too in national television. Mir, u need not worry…your fans will always remain your fans but I think after this episode Rituporno will lose some fans…at least I can tell about myself.

Special Strangers

It is always a pleasure to take a trip down memory lane especially if the road is paved with beautiful rememberences.
Two such memories instantly come to my mind. I was appearing for my class X exams. I used to cycle to school & the school bus would take us to our center at IIT- Kanpur. One such day, as I was going to school, two boys in a moped came ,& I think, hit my cycle deliberately. The front wheel of the cycle was badly twisted, leaving me with no option other than leaving it with a shopkeeper nearby, who offered to retain it for me till I returned from my exam. After I gave my exam, when I went to the shop , I saw that my cycle wasn’t there & neither was the shopkeeper .All kinds of doubts & suspicions crossed my mind. At home, I related the entire episode to my mother & she was only relieved that I wasn’t hurt .In the evening, my dad & I went to the shop. And, guess what? !!!! There was my cycle, looking in great shape-who would have thought that in the morning it had met with such a fate. We thanked him & I was embarrassed to have been suspecting his intentions , when all he did was that he had repaired it for me! There was still some kindness left in the world.
This isn’t all. I was the lucky recipient of one more act of kindness a few years later when I went to Nagpur to do my graduation. I had to reside in a hostel & it was the first time alone without parents. As a result, I wasn’t in the habit of carrying a wallet. So, on my first day to college, as I boarded the bus, I realized I didn’t have any money to pay for my ticket. The conductor listened as I explained why I wasn’t carrying it. I promised that I would pay him next day as I would be traveling at the same time. He nodded & went away only to return a minute later. He said ,’As you are not carrying a wallet, you wont be able to pay for your fare when you return. So, here is the fare for the return ticket’. And, he handed me Rs 2! I could only look at him & wonder from where he got his good sense, judgement & kindness.
I could not return them the kindness that they bestowed upon me but I do try to be a little considerate to people I meet without expecting the same in return. It is better to pay it forward & let not the chain break…

Nov 19, 2008

More of your time

I look forward to the few precious moments that I get to spend with you.When we are so caught up in the entries of the appointments in our diary, a few lines of snatched conversations here & there seem to be the highlight of the day.In an era where everything is designed to make life simple for us, why a simple conversation with a loved one is so hard to manage? Why I cant just pick up the phone & talk to you ?Why I cant speak with you for three uninterrupted minutes? Why I need to cook up excuses to talk to you? Why cant you just speak a few more lines to me? Why cant you just talk to me?Or simply say that you want to talk to me? Why do I have to wait for something important to come up so that I can talk to you?Why cant I just get to sit next to you for a few minutes & watch the crowd pass us by? Why are we like a crowd who are passing each other by in a busy subway? Why are we like the parallel tracks of a railway line which travel miles together but they meet only to go their separate ways? Why cant we just merge together so that you & I cant differentiate who is who? You say I understand whats in your mind. Then, why cant you understand whats on my mind?I want more of you. But if you cant give me, then let me atleast have more of your time...

Precious Illusions

It's past midnight & I cannot sleep.
You are constantly on my mind.
I keep on wondering what you are doing
At this time of the day or night…
I wonder if you are having smooth ride…
I wonder if you are at peace,
As that’s how I want you to be..
I wonder if you need somebody to talk to
And I wish that it were me …
I know that you don’t belong to me
But I am happy that you are near me ..
Why I feel so warm when you talk to me?
Or I freeze when you simply ignore me?
I am wondering are you really so indifferent as you seem?
Or is there something more in your eyes
When I catch you glancing at me?
I feel there is something more in the way that you sometimes touch me…
Or when you could have but you don’t…
Perhaps its nothing more..
Than my mind playing games with me…
Maybe these are precious illusions...

But they are raising a storm inside me.

Nov 18, 2008

The Genaration NEXT !!!

Nowadays due to my preoccupation and my son (who is only 4yrs old but has this amazing quality to dominate me and my life) I don't get much chance to watch television. And even when I get a chance, it is strictly restricted to the cartoon channel. That particular day I returned home early and as there was no one at home I thought to entertain myself and spend sometime with the idiot box.

As I had nothing in particular in mind, I was surfing through the channels when I got stuck at MTV. MTV Roadies was being telecasted that time and recently I heard a spirited arguement on this programme among a group of young students on my way to work. According to them it was THE reality show, the most intelligent and smart show. So that day when I got a chance I did not want to miss THE show on screen. I gathered myself on the sofa and concentrated full heartedly at what was going on.

There were 6participants (3 boys and 3 girls)...they were in the age group of 18-20yrs, smart, confident, good looking, well dressed, and speaking with an accent. Now 6 young people with these attributes were a feast to anyone's eyes (so were to mine). A rapid fire round was going on. Any right answer fetched them marks and a wrong answer meant negative marking. The anchor asked them many questions. Some were easy and some of the answers even I didn't know...but I was surprised, amused, disappointed to see that none of the participants knew the name of India's President. When this question was asked I thought ohh!! This is too easy a question. But I was wrong !!! None could answer this participant answered Abdul Kalam (that was the nearest answer), one answere Shankar Dayal Sharma (God save his soul !!!), one of them kept quiet (he was the wisest), one lady kept on giggling and falling on her neighbour, one told he knows the answer but cannot remember at that moment.

Now personally I wanted A.P.J. Abdul Kalam to remain as our President but I was equally happy and proud (being a woman) the day Pratibha Patil took her oath as India's first lady President. I thought India at last is changing and watching this show I had to agree India has really changed !!! When we were 18-20yrs of age maybe we were not as smart, confident, with loads of attitude (read false attitude or "atti") but we atleast knew about the country we are born in, about our history, about our heritage. I wonder what is this new generation running after?? If they are our country's future then what really is our future?? I don't know the answer but its time we ask ourselves these questions and try to find out the answers to save ourselves and our country...if possible.

Nov 16, 2008

Amazing! Isn't it? NOT REALLY.


You know what, when (in 1996) I was looking forward to start my career as a copywriter... in contradiction of my formal education in electrical engineering, life was ruthlessly tough on me and my ambition.

In the process, I also came to know the fact that if I could be a copywriter then a goat would fly! Quite a lesson for me, I swear. Especially, when it came from one of the leading ad honchos in Kolkata.

So, I kept on writing with a burning hope to make a goat fly. But, alas! Despite of my best of efforts, I couldn't succeed in helping a goat fly; instead, I became a copywriter, and eventually a creative director (copy) to ensure Brands fly with me now.

I'm so sorry for the goat! I'm equally apologetic to that ad guru, who predicted my future along with the goat's.

Amazing! Isn't it? Not really. It's all about chasing a dream, remaining inspired all the time, and shedding off all inhibitions.

And if I could do it, why can't you?

So, DO WRITE with me. DO WRITE with your friends. DO WRITE all alone. Only on

Awaiting your lines then.