Nov 24, 2008

A day with friends!!

I am happy.I am eager. I am worried how I would look tomorrow.I am going out with friends , you see.
I am not a lonely island, swimming in the vast sea of loneliness. I am a busy body-trapped in the busy traffic of life, who is worried that the beautiful view outside the window is passing by & there is no way, I can park on the side & take in the sight.So, I look forward to every chance of fun , that comes my way,with child-like eagerness.I am going out tomorrow as part of a small group of six colleagues, who are on the verge of becoming friends .

We dont have anything earth -shattering in our plans. No lunch at a five star restaurant or no front rowseat at a sell-out theatre play.Neither its a long drive through scenic country side. We are just meeting at a nearby mall. We have no long shopping plans in our agenda.Whats in the agenda is lots of fun & laughter & teasing & noise & all of us trying to speak at the same time.I am not sure how long it will last but what I am sure of is that after I come home , I will still feel ,'arrey,yeh toh bataya hi nahi!!'
I feel good about myself that we are grounded enough to derive so much pleasure out of something simple like this.Or is it really so simple?Maybe not.If you or I read between the lines, there is so much at stake. Formation of new bonds, time well spent, a cure for loneliness, laughter with like- minded people.
I know that tomorrow,might, it just might , mark a beginning of a new way of moving through life -getting out of the car just to enjoy the view.

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