Nov 28, 2008


Yet another mayhem of militants has been rocking the tinsel town for more than 48 hours from now. A real life blockbuster is happening at Mumbai. Two hotels - the Taj and the Trident are staging the mega shows in particular where guests in those hospitable institutes and innocent people at large are giving away their lives to grenades, bullets and bombs.

As usual the natives from other cities and states in India are quite proactive in consuming and sharing the news and nimble enough for expressing shocks and sadness, anxiety and anger, and condolence to the slaughtered ones and their bereaved family members.

But is it just the action which is expected from the people of India against terrorists and their heinous and gory exploits of this magnitude?

If the answer is yes, then let’s celebrate terrorism like this only; today at Mumbai, tomorrow at Delhi, day after tomorrow at Kolkata and so on.

Or, if the answer is NO, then all of us have to put our thoughts and act altogether and begin a syndicated assault on terrorism at every nook and corner of the country. NOW.

This effort or movement can be termed as “Terror on Terrorism” or “Counter Terrorism”.

I’m sure reading hitherto some intellectual foreheads have got the crease on, or some attitudinal eyebrows have made some upward arches, or some sagging lips have gone dry making acute angles to rubbish this concept.

And, why not, as the world, precisely India, is full of “how-can-I-do-it-alone?!” typos to whom it’s always easier to follow one’s back than leading from the front or taking any initiative on their own. As if they also follow someone else, while they hit the bed to do it with their spouses. I wonder! I’m bewildered!

It’s really pathetic that that kind of passing the buck game has become a well cherished and ideally practiced phenomenon in our society and system where we rather call this scenario as “diplomacy”.

Funny! If this is diplomacy then what is hypocrisy? What is collective fear, chocking and cringe?

Ironical that militants have still failed to understand the simple fact that in India they don’t need to kill innocent people to dethrone the system. Because the system itself had come down to dust a long ago in this country when we actually divided our motherland into India and Pakistan to meet one’s personal greed of becoming India’s first prime minister.

On the contrary, no force, no atom bomb, no militants, no terrorists can do any harm to us, if we just do the basics right and follow the maxim “Charity begins at home” or “Self-help is the best help”.

We don’t need leaders, we don’t need any police, and we don’t need any paramilitary. All we need is the courage and spirit to withstand self and others and a compassionate mind to think that what’s happening at Mumbai today can also happen in our bedroom on the next day.

So we better be prepared, and begin leading from the front. And in the process bring the ULTIMATE TERROR on terrorism.


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