Nov 19, 2008

Precious Illusions

It's past midnight & I cannot sleep.
You are constantly on my mind.
I keep on wondering what you are doing
At this time of the day or night…
I wonder if you are having smooth ride…
I wonder if you are at peace,
As that’s how I want you to be..
I wonder if you need somebody to talk to
And I wish that it were me …
I know that you don’t belong to me
But I am happy that you are near me ..
Why I feel so warm when you talk to me?
Or I freeze when you simply ignore me?
I am wondering are you really so indifferent as you seem?
Or is there something more in your eyes
When I catch you glancing at me?
I feel there is something more in the way that you sometimes touch me…
Or when you could have but you don’t…
Perhaps its nothing more..
Than my mind playing games with me…
Maybe these are precious illusions...

But they are raising a storm inside me.

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