Nov 18, 2008

The Genaration NEXT !!!

Nowadays due to my preoccupation and my son (who is only 4yrs old but has this amazing quality to dominate me and my life) I don't get much chance to watch television. And even when I get a chance, it is strictly restricted to the cartoon channel. That particular day I returned home early and as there was no one at home I thought to entertain myself and spend sometime with the idiot box.

As I had nothing in particular in mind, I was surfing through the channels when I got stuck at MTV. MTV Roadies was being telecasted that time and recently I heard a spirited arguement on this programme among a group of young students on my way to work. According to them it was THE reality show, the most intelligent and smart show. So that day when I got a chance I did not want to miss THE show on screen. I gathered myself on the sofa and concentrated full heartedly at what was going on.

There were 6participants (3 boys and 3 girls)...they were in the age group of 18-20yrs, smart, confident, good looking, well dressed, and speaking with an accent. Now 6 young people with these attributes were a feast to anyone's eyes (so were to mine). A rapid fire round was going on. Any right answer fetched them marks and a wrong answer meant negative marking. The anchor asked them many questions. Some were easy and some of the answers even I didn't know...but I was surprised, amused, disappointed to see that none of the participants knew the name of India's President. When this question was asked I thought ohh!! This is too easy a question. But I was wrong !!! None could answer this participant answered Abdul Kalam (that was the nearest answer), one answere Shankar Dayal Sharma (God save his soul !!!), one of them kept quiet (he was the wisest), one lady kept on giggling and falling on her neighbour, one told he knows the answer but cannot remember at that moment.

Now personally I wanted A.P.J. Abdul Kalam to remain as our President but I was equally happy and proud (being a woman) the day Pratibha Patil took her oath as India's first lady President. I thought India at last is changing and watching this show I had to agree India has really changed !!! When we were 18-20yrs of age maybe we were not as smart, confident, with loads of attitude (read false attitude or "atti") but we atleast knew about the country we are born in, about our history, about our heritage. I wonder what is this new generation running after?? If they are our country's future then what really is our future?? I don't know the answer but its time we ask ourselves these questions and try to find out the answers to save ourselves and our country...if possible.


mesushovan said...

Good thought! Simple yet profound. A real eye-opener though most of us (including me) prefer to sleep awake.

Varsha SG said...

Yet another eye opener about our 'cool & urbane' Gen Y.!! Lets hope DR.APJ didnt watch the show..He would have been shocked to see our 'ignited minds' in action.