May 10, 2010

With love, Subhamoy turns Suparna YOUnique

This summer is different for Suparna. Courtesy her husband Subhamoy and his unique desire to unfold his tranquil love over his better-half.

And where there is any need for uniqueness, there is YOUnique, always, as you have known it for sure by now.

So, Subhamoy contacted us to gift a YOUnique Umbrella to her beloved wife.

As usual, the YOUnique questionnaire was sent out to Subhamoy and he provided us with quite a few info on Suparna.

Based on that, a YOUnique scale on Suparna’s uniqueness was set; exploiting which we actually designed the YOUnique Umbrella for her.

The base colour of the Umbrella is taken as blue because this shade is Suparna’s favourite.

On that spread of azure, a landscape design is created to express and magnify Suparna’s liking for this form of art.

On top of the Umbrella, around the centre spindle, the aperture captures one’s attention on Suparna’s shutter-bugging spree.

Finally, two green (tender) leaves personify the name Suparna (a tender leaf) in line with her penchant for Kathak dance by forming a typical mudra of hands of a flying bird.

Now, if you too wish to bestow such a YOUnique love, affection and care upon someone you love, feel free to email us only at, today!

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