Dec 28, 2008

Film Studies, Studies in Deed

For God’s sake clear your perception about what Film Studies is all about. This is the high time because now this subject is going to intrude into undergraduate and graduate studies of most of the universities. The very general fallacy about Film studies is ‘it is a study of film making’ where as it hardly takes the liability of making a Film. Rather, it is a study of film genres, authors, different film movements, different ideological and philosophical beliefs, etc. and with the help of these studies; this subject will school you to read a ‘made film’.

Film is a topic on which everyone can present at least an hour long speech. No matter he is literate or not, he is of course film literate. Then why should one be wasting time on doing a course which merely teaches how to read a film? Everyone knows that. When this question arises to our mind we certainly forget the difference between ‘watching’ or enjoying a film and ‘reading’ a film. In case of reading a film you must have some previous knowledge of film theory. This answer will lead to another question which is more specific than previous, that is ‘what is the need of reading a film rather than watching or enjoying?’.

Film reflects everything in this world. It includes any damn subject around us. Film comprises history, geography, science, sociology, philosophy, politics, economics, psychology, and many more subjects. Therefore, study of film is a packaged study of all these subjects. Simultaneous reading of all these subjects and its application on practicing film reading will completely revolute thought process and kick start your innovative spirit, in whatever field you are. It may seem very hypothetical but it’s absolutely true in practice. Though, the bottom line is ‘the subject is strictly restricted to the film lovers’.

Unfortunately, many people, even film makers find it very useless subject. According to them, a film course should be only of film making. Film theory doesn’t help to make a film. Absolutely true, one must need practical knowledge to make a film. But as I have mentioned in the previous paragraph the ‘thought process’, a good film maker must have a thought process, or one must know the right way of thinking. Film Studies is very much prescribed in the making of the right way of thinking. However, will you believe any fool... who is telling: Chemical theory is not at all needed in the making of medicine, all you need is practical knowledge!!


mesushovan said...

Perfect Focus! Meaty writing with lesser bones of useless jargons.

saugata said...

deed.but the grammer is not the only criteria ,there must be a creative mind....then a good movie will born.otherwise it will be very boring affair...

Megh said...
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Priya Ranjan Panigrahi said...

Are you doing any film making course?

Love the article. Will request to write something in here, if you can afford some time.

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